Picture of the month


As you will already have gathered my name is Brenda. I was born in Dublin and live there still. I am a qualified Bob Ross Instructor (CRI) and stock the full range of Bob Ross Products. Details of which are on the product page of this site.

I began watching Bob Ross “Joy of Painting in 1996” on TV. I had no idea then that this programme was going to change my life, for the better let me add. I was always interested in anything that involved colour, design, craft and meeting people.

It was my dream to retire and give art classes. I had no idea if I would be capable of doing this but watching Bob Ross every day and hearing him say everyone can do this finally started my search to see if this was really true.

I tried in vain to find Bob Ross products in Ireland. I was at a business meeting in London and I took the opportunity to find the products and I also found a qualified Bob Ross CRI in Ireland: David Willis from Cork. I arranged many classes for David in Dublin and we became good friends.

I finally went to study at the European Bob Ross Teacher Training School in Roermund in the south of Holland, where after very, very intensive training I qualified as a landscape/seascape CRI (Certified Ross Instructor)

I did retire and I now hold classes just outside Swords, Co. Dublin. My dream came true. I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to this wonderful “wet on wet” method of oil painting.

By the way it is true “Everyone can Paint”.

Yours sincerely