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The Bob Ross method of painting is called “Wet on Wet”. Traditional oil painting is done on a dry canvas. The Bob Ross method wets the canvas first. On a white canvas an oil medium called Liquid White is first applied very thinly to the entire canvas. On a black canvas an oil medium called Liquid Clear is applied very thinly to the entire canvas. The beauty of this way of painting is that when you apply your paints they can be moved around the canvas (Wet on Wet!) and wonderful effects can be achieved much more easily.

Bob Ross Landscape Products are unique. The paints were specially formulated to a much thicker consistency than normal oil paints. These paints are artists top quality not student quality oils. The full range of brushes and knives took years to develop and are of excellent quality. Because of the consistency of the Bob Ross oils formulation a full painting can be completed without the need to let the paints dry as you would have to with ordinary oil paints.

Bob Ross Brushes should never be put in water. Clean with white spirit or odourless thinner only.

LANDSCAPE - Floral - Wildlife

Brushes & Knives
2” Landscape €24.66
1” Landscape €16.58
1” Round €25.00
½” Round €17.00
No.3 Fan brush €10.48
No.6 Fan brush €12.50
Filbert brush €14.00
Oval brush € 25.00
Blender brush €26.00
Script Liner Brush €9.95
Detail Painting Knife €16.50
Landscape Knife €18.30

Oil Colours
Colour 37ml 150ml
Titanium White €10.00 €22.00
Midnight Black €10.00 €22.00
Alizarin Crimson €10.00 €22.00
Phthalo Green €10.00 €22.00
Phthalo Blue €10.00 €22.00
Prussian Blue €10.00 €22.00
Sap Green €10.00 €22.00
Van dyk Brown €10.00 €22.00
Dark Sienna €10.00 €22.00
Cadmium Yellow €10.00 €22.00
Yellow Ochre €10.00 €22.00
Indian Yellow €10.00 €22.00
Bright Red €10.00 €22.00

Black Gesso €16.60  
White Gesso €16.60  
Liquid Mediums 236ml 473ml
Liquid White €16.00  
Liquid Clear €16.00  
Liquid Black €16.00  
Thinners 1 Ltr 2 Ltr
Odourless Thinners €17.00 €28.30
Bucket & Screen €18.50  

Canvas Bob Ross
16”X 20” Canvas €16.00

Table Easel €111.00
Studio Easel €299.00

Bob Ross Palette €39.00

Series 2 to 31 per book €31.00
Discover Joy of Paint €41.00
More Joy of Painting €41.00
3Hr Video Workshop €61.60
David Willis DVD each €20.00
Paint Magic DVD per series €60.00
Getting Started Landscape € 17.00

Bob Ross Master Set €133.00

Gift Vouchers available

Brenda Byrne qualified CRI Instructor
Classes by Brenda
Complete your own 16"x20" oil canvas on the day!
Classes start at 11.00am and finish at 5.00pm.
All materials, lunch, tea & coffee supplied
Only € 90.00 per person
No Previous Drawing or Painting Experience Necessary

Phone: +353 1 8402 761

Prices Updated: January 2016